“Donquièstar,” pronounced “Don-Key-Yes-Tar,”  also serves as the stage name for the digital dancemaster and techno guru that is the one and only David F. J. Lambrecht.  “Donquiestar,” –none other than the former bassist and one of the geniuses behind the legendary acid house punk rock industrial sex head tripping  masters “Lords of Acid,”  stormed out on his own not long ago, and this year–launches light years above and beyond the musical genre he helped make a global sensation.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium–birthplace of EDM, “Donquiestar,”–aka David Lambrecht, began as “Doggy Dave,” after being invited to join  a band called “Lords of Acid,” while David was barely out of high school.  So young, that he wasn’t even legal enough to enter the nightclubs where he played, luckily for Dave, he didn’t have to go through the front door.  Needless to say, the “Lords of Acid” were explosive around the world, tearing up city after city world wide with their notorious and stunning “Sextacy Ball” with none other than “My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult,” proving to fans and those lucky enough see them live alike–The Lords were bad-ass.

The former “Lords of Acid” bassist not only shreds the 4 strings, he is also notably a music producer, songwriter, vocalist, actor, and performance artist.  Loving the artistry of producing,  “Donquiestar” decimates dance floors with his creations of electro, techno, house, industrial, ambient, and dub, deeply influenced by the eighties and nineties music and club scenes, where he dominated with the “Lords of Acid” to all from jamming live on tour in the hottest dancetaria’s and rock halls worldwide.

With “Lords of Acid” being “Donquiestar’s” first band and his world wide debut, and thus, the biggest adventure in the young career of the rising young star, the “Lords of Acid” days influenced David in every way.  With women chasing the young lad around the world, and a whirlwind lifestyle that was off the charts, David has “been there–done that” and then some. “After Lords,” David admits, “I got in trouble in every way… But I kept making music…”   When asked what trouble he meant, David admits, “Drugs–A lot of them!”

Thankfully now for his self preservation–and the next record label that signs him–David is clean, having not touched any drugs or even alcohol for years.  Although after hearing his new music, you’d never guess that! –With  “Donquiestar” creating mind bending industrial acid house cuts ripped with rock that can please the biggest “Nine Inch Nails” or Marilyn Manson” fan, his music can also send the most sober of listeners down a rabbit hole trip–on a musical kaleidoscope of hypno-tronic delight, in a style definitively of his own making.

“After Lords of Acid,”  David confesses, “I learned slowly to lead a normal life,” admitting,  “I took a normal job, and I met a girl.”  With some time on his hands to think, he decided to ‘really’ think about life some more.  He became a Philosophy Major, taking his studies very seriously at Belgium University, where he is now on his way to soon graduating.  “I like the activity” (of studying philosophy) David reveals, “It keeps me realistic.”  But being  too “normal” for the former “Doggy Dave” couldn’t last long.  A celebrity in Belgium due to his legacy with The Lords, David confesses,  “My passion for music kept on following me,”  so he did what any former teen-aged industrial acid-house rock-star does between Nietzsche and Spinoza–he started jamming again.

Running his own music store on iTunes and Amazon among more, Donquiestar again made a large sonic global impact after dropping on the musical masses his own albums “Phunkle West” (2009),  “Greatest Bits” (2013), and “Blue Sky Spirit Blaster” (2016).  And earlier just this year, Donquiestar released “Half Heroic Zero Point – New Singles Out Of The Blue” (2017) which has since proven to be one of his most popular records to date. Yet it is only now, after years of study, that the young philosopher is ready to literally apply ‘lapis philosophorum’ (The Philosophers Stone), and turn his bass beats and metal–in to gold.

David (“Donquiestar”) says that he is now ready to start touring, stating, “I will always be studying in a philosophical way, but music is my true language, telling us as only a true philosopher would, “I want to be able to end my career in beauty, when I have reached the age of goodbye..!”

Studying his discography, from the searing cut “Animal,” the brilliant “Magical Marriage,” and the soul tripping “Dancing in the Sky” among dozens more, “Donquiestar” is an indisputable heavyweight songwriter and producer, outstanding on vocals, and dominating with both dark and ethereal industrial dance grooves layered with searing EBM that only a few handful of musician’s know how to pull off–and yet that “Donquiestar” has expertly mastered.

Constantly improving his craft, David states, “Technically, I’m getting better all the time.”  Refusing to be stuck in any one genre, Donquiestar is multi-genre– stating, “Some might think I write only very European dance-music, but that is not all.”  He also equally rocks, with David adding, “I’m Influenced by all from The Pixies, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Daft Punk, and The Prodigy, among many more,” adding, “I am working on making the best of what music means to me, and with that, I plan on continuing to have a wonderful, but bizarre career!”

Bruce Edwin

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