Hang On To Your Talents

So, there’s not a lot to laugh about lately, but I will try to keep it positive!

On Bandcamp you can find the latest ‘in between’ release, “Teque​-​Nique Trax”, which will bring you electro/techno tracks, made a couple of years ago for this Italian netlabel.

This lovely album, produced by Donquièstar, Jimmy Jazz, Bit-Phi and BBright is a pleasure to hear back! Creative Commons stuff to the point! Produced in Brussels, Milan and Frankfurt. Free to download on www.teque-nique.net or you can support us over here. Originally released in different 3 EP’s, one song is missing… 

Covers by Luca Fruzza 

Donquièstar on Teque-Nique: 

TOUCH ME [TN-019] 
Punky garage grooves working to climaxes of crazy vibes, with contagious beats & basses for the dance-floor; Donquièstar needs the sound of the underground and tells his psychedelic adventures all around the world. 

Three electronic tales of a nightmare, or three hysterical dance tunes, running from minimal, post-punk influenced electro vibe, to bouncing techno beats and arps… with love from Brussels… Produced and mixed by Donquièstar with Midi2Usb. 

This highly anticipated Ep carries you into Donquièstar’s deeper instincts, co-engineered and Influenced by German whiz kid, Wolfgang Schwarz, and finished in Milan. Prepare yourself for a trip through a sometimes tough but also subtle record where there is no room for ambiguity or contrived emotions.

So, soon, there will be new stuff coming up from AstroParticle, there will be a weird whiskey party, the Don will go very solo again and let’s hate this wars everywhere…

Over & out, I will keep you updated

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